The Creation of Sync’D Fashion


Hey Guys!

Welcome to the Birth of Sync’d Fashion — an intuitive, fun blog presented to you by the creators of Sync’D. Glad to have you!

We got inspired to create this blog because we felt like we wanted to share more of our creativity to the world, and what better way to go about doing that?

Our concept and content will be fire and fresh, and we pledge to offer our readers nothing but the best.


That said, here’s what we plan on bringing to the table:

  1. You’ll be able to access all of our new content from now on through our user-friendly website. (BlogsPosts, Videos, Projects — everything Sync’d related)
  2. W.I.Ps — we want to keep the hype alive and be as transparent as possible with our readers, with regards to showing you what we’ve got cookin’ up in the studio!
  3. Video Model Forms — We understand that so many of you want a chance to star in our videos, so we’ve decided to give you guys an opportunity to submit your avatar’s names and flikr links into our organized database – found in the forms menu. at the top of the page. This way we’d be able to refer to it whenever we need a dancer to fill in! Keep an eye on your inboxes. YOU could be the next one! (YOU MUST BE A VIP MEMBER IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF SYNC’Ds VIDEOS)
  4. Last but not least: Fashion BlogPosts — as briefly stated, we have a vision that we can produce one helluva fashion blog, that would exude complete quality, honesty and critique, giving hard-working developers a chance of being noticed through our webpage. But we want to add a twist to it, on many –if not all– of our posts; which would collaborate our flagship store — Sync’D Motion — with our newly birthed fashion blog. But without giving out too much info, Keep An Eye Out – promise you won’t regret it! (Sync’D is NOT seeking sponsors)


There’s our run-down! We’re going to be bringing alot of goodies your way! So stay on the lookout. (Refer to the ‘Vision‘ tab for more information)


Thank you!

Don’t forget, Keep on Sync’ing!

Sync’D Motion Team

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