Our Vision

 We aim to deliver qualitative virtual reality fashion news with a twist and to provide our readers with the reliability and trustworthiness of turning to Us for great, transparent content.

How it all Began

Fact: One of the founders of Sync’d Fashion has been blogging for approximately 4 years and a member of the virtual world of Second Life since 2007; so it doesn’t come new! After establishing herself in the virtual blogging industry, she took a break to focus on another startup, that has been doing quite well since it’s 2015 launch, thanks to you guys — Sync’d Motion!

Now back at it again, we both sat down to discuss other opportunities that would be beneficial for Sync’d and it’s customers, and thought: Why not incorporate both to make something great, different and completely unique? Thus, Sync’d Fashion was born!

We wanted to give back a blog that far exceeds the status quo of what many VR blogs offer today, and without spilling too much of the beans, we can promise that it will be like nothing ever before seen! Clean, crisp and original content. Here’s some of what we plan to bring to make our vision come to life:

  • Elaborated reviews of the products we feature, its pros and cons. 
  • Animated collaboration
  • Complete exclusivity: in other words, what we feel to be well-deserved content by some of the best talent and creativity Second Life has to offer.
  • Giveaways and Contests with insane prizes.. and more!

Blogging is not just a hobby anymore, but a way of life, and a way for us to bring vivid ideas unto the screens of your PCs, tablets, and phones so that you have the opportunity of analyzing and coming up with some great fashion ideas of your own! Prepare yourself for some good stuff! So, are you ready? We’ll see you inside!

Best Regards and Happy Dressing,

Sync’d Team